I live nearby May Street. How will you manage air quality during the project?

An air quality monitoring program will be developed and implemented before the start of work in the May Street area. Mitigation measures are planned to limit the impacts on air quality:


  • -Reduce speeds on the worksite in unpaved areas;
  • -Moisten traffic lanes and materials, as required, to limit the amount of dust rising;
  • -Maintain trucks in good operating to limit emissions.


Equipment for continuous air quality measurement will be installed in the sensitive areas outlined in the environmental assessment. Each time an excess level is detected, an alert will notify the Environment team and corrective measures will be implemented to eliminate the source of dust production.


The Infrastructure Canada team will also monitor air quality throughout the construction period. Air quality sampling results will be available to the public during execution of the project.


Finally, air quality—as with all the impacts caused by the construction site—will continue to be discussed during meetings of the Comité d’intégration du nouveau pont et de ses accès (CINPA), a committee aimed at ensuring good neighbourly relations.