What are the construction hours ?

Work usually takes place from Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. (with teams arriving on-site around 6:30 a.m.) and 7 p.m., sometimes extending to the weekend, at the same hours. The daytime noise threshold is 75 decibels (including saturday and sunday).

Please note that we may be forced to work evenings and nights, with greater restrictions on noise levels of 5 decibels above ambient noise (without construction). Work at these later hours is generally less noisy.

Should construction begin to have a major impact on daytime traffic, we may choose, by way of exception, to work evenings and nights, even though the work may be loud. Exceptionally, construction activities that exceed the nocturnal noise threshold despite the mitigation measures in place require an exemption from Infrastructure Canada with collaboration from the municipalities.

Signature on the Saint-Laurent is committed to respecting the noise levels agreed upon in its partnership agreement with the Government of Canada and, as such, will use mitigation measures whenever it becomes necessary.