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Road Safety

The Samuel De Champlain Bridge is 3.4 km long and overlooks the St. Lawrence River at more than 70 m. To make your crossing safe, we invite you to follow these instructions.

  • Plan your route
  • Do not text while driving
  • Respect the road safety code
  • Maintain a safe distance.
  • Adapt your driving to weather conditions.
  • Keep your vehicle in good condition
  • Fill up with gasoline before your departure

In winter

  • Install compliant winter tires
  • Clear snow and defrost your vehicle
  • Have windshield wipers in good condition and fill up with washer fluid.
  • Watch for black ice

By bike

  • Beware of strong winds on high structures
  • Respect the speed limit of 20 km/h
  • Cohabit harmoniously with slower pedestrians and cyclists