Construction of Fishways

In order to protect the local fish habitat, Signature on the Saint-Laurent (SSL) will need to take certain precautions and minimize the amount of work done in water. For example, when setting up temporary jetties, builders are not permitted to block off more than a third of the width of the river, based on its natural high-water mark. Fish in the St. Lawrence River must be able to move freely throughout the construction period.

Fish habitat

Among all the measures taken to protect wildlife during construction, SSL will pay particularly close attention to aquatic fauna, which will be diligently monitored during the project. Fishways will be installed at the the west jetty (by L’Île-des-Sœurs) to make way for the springtime migration of fish such as the lake sturgeon, a species highly prized by commercial and recreational fishers.

Moreover, a number of other mitigation projects will be set up to protect fish habitat. New spawning grounds will be established and existing ones rehabilitated. Of course, we will continue to monitor all these features for several years down the road to make sure they last and remain effective.