Protecting Brown Snakes

The New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project is governed by a number of environmental conditions stipulated in the agreement between Signature on the Saint-Laurent (SSL) and Infrastructure Canada. The project has a team of environmental professionals on hand who will be responsible for ensuring that the agreement’s environment-related conditions are met. They will also work closely with the new Champlain Bridge’s design teams and construction crews to ensure compliance with environmental stipulations throughout the project design and construction method development stages.


Before any construction activity is undertaken, biologists will be tasked with relocating the area’s brown snakes (an endangered species in the province of Quebec) outside the construction zone, and then setting up barriers preventing them from returning to the work site.

The brown snake is found in open terrain, fields, fallow land, on the edges of streams and, occasionally, in woodland habitats. Quebec’s rarest garter snake is brown to occasionally greyish in colour. It features two rows of dark spots on its back and is 23 to 33 cm in length. Because the brown snake’s Quebec range is principally in the Greater Montreal area, it is the subject of particular attention in the context of the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project.