What are the roles of the jetties?

Building a bridge is a highly complex undertaking. Given the very tight deadline, Signature on the Saint-Laurent has opted to work on several aspects at the same time. We will therefore be building three large temporary jetties to enable us to work on various sections simultaneously so we can deliver on time for the scheduled opening at the end of 2018.

This strategy enables us to maximize on-site prefabrication and pre-assembly of concrete and steel parts as well as their subsequent assembly completion.


  1. West jetty (Île-des-Sœurs)

    SSL has already completed construction of the west jetty at the northeast tip of L’Île-des-Sœurs. This massive jetty will be the main access route to the new Champlain Bridge construction site.

    Dimensions:    500 metres x 100 metres

    Quantity of rocks needed to build the jetty: 447,000 tons
    It will:

    • Allow us to set up a precast yard for concrete foundation and pier cap parts that are too heavy to be transported by road, as well as a steel parts assembly area.
    • Be used to dock vessels transporting components to their installation sites.
    • Enable “dry bed” construction of the western portion of the new Champlain Bridge.
  2. Jetty for the cable-stayed portion

    Currently under construction, this jetty will abut the St. Lawrence Seaway dyke on the river side, to the west of the Seaway.

    Dimensions:    200 metres x 250 metres

    Quantity of rocks needed to build the jetty: 350,000 tons

    It will serve as a work area for the cable-stayed portion of the bridge.

  3. East jetty (Brossard)

    Dimensions:    425 metres x 96 metres

    Quantity of rocks needed to build the jetty: 155,000 tons

    It will enable “dry bed” construction of the eastern portion of the new Champlain Bridge.

    Two smaller jetties will also be built to support construction of the new Île-des-Sœurs bridge. These will be built in fall 2015 and fall 2016.

Temporary Works

The three jetties consist of temporary works. At the end of the project, all the rocks will be taken out of the river.