Follow-up on May St. reconfiguration work

Work related to the expansion of the A15 began in your sector last week. As announced during the public information meeting held on September 14 for citizens of Verdun and the Sud-Ouest and in the notice distributed on October 8, Signature on the Saint-Laurent will be installing temporary sound baffles before beginning the residential demolition work on May Street.

The demolition of the first residences on May Street should begin the week of October 26.

These sound baffles will offer protection to minimize the impact of the noise and dust during the demolition and the subsequent relocation of the water main along the side of the A15 south.  These two activities are important preliminary steps in the expansion of the A15.

We also want to inform you that, due to the demolition and upcoming water main relocation work, we will have to cut down some trees and bushes around May Street. To this end, SSL has received a tree removal permit from the Borough of Verdun and will comply with all its terms and conditions, including those related to landscaping. These activities are governed by environmental requirements, and the SSL environment team will oversee their execution.

As mentioned at the public information meeting, the new Champlain Bridge corridor project is highly complex.

Work methods, schedules and sequence of work are subject to change. Check our website for frequent updates.

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