Start of work on the South-Shore

Signature on the Saint Lawrence is starting works on the South-Shore in early October 2015.

A series of important activities will take place:

  • Construction site facilities will be located on the riverbank, including heavy equipment, a steel assembly and storage area, construction site installations and parking for workers.
  • A stone jetty will be built from the Brossard shoreline (downstream of the current bridge) projecting 425 metres into the Lesser La Prairie Basin. The jetty will serve as a construction and assembly area for the various parts of the new Champlain Bridge.
  • Among other things, this large construction site will result in heavier truck traffic on the westbound Highway 132 and the diversion of La Riveraine bike path to ensure the safety of cyclists and pedestrians.
  • Work on the St. Lawrence will also create navigation restrictions for boaters using this corridor. Safety measures will have to be observed.
  • To create the new approaches to the future bridge, there will be major backfilling work inside the on-ramps north of Highway 10, without any impact on traffic. No traffic restrictions are expected for this fall.

For more information, please consult the order of the day.