Work starting on May Street in Verdun

At the public information meeting for the Verdun and Southwest boroughs held on September 14, Signature on the Saint -Laurent (SSL) explained to residents the nature of the work scheduled on and around Hwy-15 between the Atwater interchange and the Champlain Bridge, from October 2015 to March 2016.

 As of the week of October 12, SSL will be undertaking the following work south of Hwy-15, between LaSalle Boulevard and Wellington Street, specifically, on May Street:

  • Disconnection of public utilities to residences on May Street
  • Removal of elements of architectural or heritage interest
  • Removal of materials containing asbestos in accordance with CSST requirements
  • Demolition of residences

This work will take place during daytime hours. We estimate that it will be complete by the end of December 2015.

 General sequence of work 

  • Disconnection of public utilities to residences on May Street is in progress.
  • Houses on May Street located close to Wellington Street will be the first to have asbestos removed and to be demolished. The contractor will begin demolition of the houses as soon as the asbestos has been removed. Asbestos removal and demolition will therefore take place simultaneously along May Street, up to the intersection with Jacques Lauzon Street.
  • Removal of elements of architectural and heritage interest will take place concurrently with the removal of asbestos and demolition of residences.
  • Throughout these operations, the contractor’s machinery and equipment will be kept on site. 

Removal of elements of architectural or heritage interest

The Verdun borough has made a list of elements of architectural or heritage interest to be removed from the houses on May Street. These pieces will be removed by SSL and stored by the borough in anticipation of future commemoration. 

Removal of asbestos from houses on May Street

A sign will be posted at every point of access to the worksite to indicate that work related to asbestos removal is taking place. The construction team will carry out the work in compliance with CSST standards. This should have no impact on the public as the work will be conducted inside the houses. The work will be monitored to ensure compliance with applicable standards. 

Impact and mitigation measures

  • Noise management: Temporary acoustic screens will be installed before residences are demolished to reduce noise levels. This work will take place during daytime hours only. During this period, the noise threshold cannot exceed 75 dBA.
  • Air quality: To minimize dust generation, the contractor will frequently spray work surfaces with water and clean the streets. The presence of acoustic screens will also play a role in preventing the dispersal of dust.
  • Vibrations: A vibration assessment plan has been implemented for the entire new Champlain Bridge Corridor Project. Vibrations may be felt during the demolition work on May Street, but will not achieve levels that would potentially have an impact on neighbouring residences.

Environmental specialists will be monitoring the site to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the appropriate environmental requirements. Noise and air quality reports will be made available to the public on the new Champlain Bridge website.  

Closure of May Street for work

Click here to see the trafic alert.

As mentioned at the public information meeting, the new Champlain Bridge corridor project is highly complex.

Work methods, schedules and sequence of work are subject to change. Check our website for frequent updates.

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