Demolition work begins on May Street in connection with the widening of Highway 15

As announced during the public information meeting held on September 14 and in our article on the May Street redevelopment, the demolition work officially began a few days ago. The demolition ties in with the widening of Highway 15, which will go from 4 to 6 lanes once the construction of the new Champlain Bridge is completed in 2018 (the road accesses will be completed in 2019).

Before the homes on May Street are demolished, Signature on the Saint-Laurent planned a variety of preparatory work to ensure the safety of neighbourhood residents. Utilities disconnection and asbestos removal from homes began several weeks ago. In addition, in collaboration with the Borough of Verdun, Signature on the Saint-Laurent retrieved various items of architectural/heritage interest from the Victorian-inspired homes so they could be preserved for potential commemoration in the future.

“We’re turning a page in the history books for all Verdun residents. We’re working closely with Signature on the Saint-Laurent and Infrastructure Canada to ensure that the project is carried out as smoothly as possible, in addition to commemorating the street. Among other things, we retrieved a number of items of architectural and heritage interest for exhibition purposes,” said Borough of Verdun mayor Jean-François Parenteau.

A total of 16 families were relocated to facilitate the reconfiguration and widening of Highway 15. Individual agreements were signed with all residential building owners.

To minimize impacts, Signature on the Saint-Laurent will also be implementing mitigation measures during the demolition of the homes. Temporary acoustic barriers have been set up and the noise level cannot exceed a threshold 75 dBA. Work surfaces will be hosed down frequently and streets will be cleaned. This is designed to reduce dust and maintain air quality. In addition, a vibration evaluation plan was developed for the entire project.

Once the demolition phase has been completed (scheduled for mid-December), work to relocate the aqueduct on the southbound side of Highway 15 will begin in spring 2016.