New Champlain Bridge marine works – Prudence required

Signature on the Saint Lawrence wishes to advise the St. Lawrence River users that the New Champlain Bridge construction works are on-going.

The construction work related to pile excavation in the St.Lawrence River are starting in mid-November 2015. Several barges will be present near the existing Champlain Bridge, for excavation works and transport, resulting in frequent passages on the river. These activities will be on-going for the entire duration of marine excavation works until the end of the summer of 2016.

In total, four jetties will be in place in the St.Lawrence River :

  1. The West jetty is in place, measuring 500 m in length, and 100 m in width, on the North-East of Île-des-Sœurs
  2. The Main Span Tower jetty is in place on the St.Lawrence river side of the Seaway, measuring 250 m by 250 m.
  3. The East jetty is under construction on the South-Shore, in the Petit Bassin La Prairie sector, and will measure 425 m by 90 m.
  4. A fourth jetty measuring 140 m is being built in the Île-des-Sœurs Canal.

Specific notices for each jetty are published on our web site and through the Canadian Coastguard marinfo web site :

Generally, nautical traffic will be more frequent for the entire duration of the project. It is, therefore, recommended to reduce speed and pay particular attention while passing close to the project works, directly downstream of the existing Champlain Bridge, as well as in the Île-des-Soeurs Canal. In this context, these navigation zones are considered a construction work site. Work will also be performed during the night; therefore, the same recommendations apply during night time.

Buoys will be installed to indicate the location of the work site and barges. The jetty will be illuminated at night to ensure visibility. Navigation corridors will be in place in the spring of 2016. We invite the navigators and pleasure boaters to respect these indications and markers for their own safety, and to reduce speed while approaching these sites or crafts performing works.