The demolition of L’Île-des-Soeurs Bridge well under way

After a few weeks of activity, the bridge’s superstructure is nearly entirely demolished; the piers will in turn be torn down after the holidays season.

The work is being carried out by three power shovels, sitting atop a floating barge, which chip off pieces of concrete thanks to their giant jaws. The debris lands on the barge, thereby protecting the channel and ensuring that the water quality is not affected.

At the end of each day, the giant barge is moored on the bank and its contents unloaded. The debris is then transported to authorized sites by truck; this activity takes place in the evening and at night.

The demolition will continue until the spring of 2016.

This project’s execution, i.e., the successful demolition of some 60,000 tons of material, is made possible by around 20 people who work at the site during the day, in the evening and sometimes even on weekends. The work is slated to continue over the winter, and this in light of the new Champlain bridge corridor project’s stringent schedule. Luckily, the mild temperatures recorded this fall have made it possible to rapidly move forward.

To minimize the impact on residents living near the site of the work, Signature on the Saint Lawrence must comply with all of the environmental requirements, and particularly those regarding noise and air quality, dictated in the partnership agreement with the Government of Canada. Regular monitoring is done to ensure that the noise generated during the demolition stays within the established thresholds.

Motorists will be able to travel in both directions on the new Île-des-Soeurs Bridge in 2018.

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