Continuation of work on the East approach in Brossard for the new Champlain bridge

The construction of the east approach is continuing in Brossard with the beginning of drilling work for the abutment and the piles during the week of January 18. The abutment is the foundation of the new Champlain Bridge in Brossard. This is a critical part of the bridge, and the work includes drilling to install six pile caissons. Eighty other pile caissons will also be drilled to house a total of five bridge piles on the land south of the river. 

Drilling is an activity that creates noise. The drilling operations on land will continue until summer 2016, but as the drilling gets closer to the river, beginning in mid-March 2016, it will be less audible for the residents. On the east jetty, vibro-sinking operations will take place in the weeks ahead to install sheet piles, but these operations should be less noisy, since they are further away from the sensitive areas and insulated by highway 132.

The work will be done mainly during the day (from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.) and periodic sound level checks will be conducted by our Environment team to ensure that the work does not exceed the noise criteria, which are set at 75 dBA during the day. If this level is exceeded, the Signature on the Saint Lawrence team will put mitigation measures into effect to correct the situation.

- Continuation of work on the east approach - January 2016

An increasingly dynamic worksite

Trailers and complexes for the workers have been installed on the east approach.  In the months to come, there will be more and more movement in the various parts of the new Champlain Bridge worksite. Mobility specialists have planned for signage for the worksite access roads, and when required, the vehicles will be escorted for safety reasons. Also for safety and security reasons as well as to prevent theft and vandalism, the worksite will have to be lit at all times.

Also, hile most of the work on the approach will take place during the day, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., some less noisy work may also be done in the evening and/or at night. In the case of heavy snowfall, snow removal operations may be carried out very early in the morning to ensure activities can begin at the worksite by 7 a.m.

Good Neighbourly Relations Committee

Finally, please note that the nomination period for the Brossard Good Neighbourly Relations Committee is now closed for residents but will continue until January 25 for representatives of community organizations and the business community. As soon as the list of committee members is available, it will be posted on our website.

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