The kids from Toujours ensemble are going to name the supertransporter

Signature on the Saint-Laurent is launching a contest to name its super transporter, a vehicle specially designed to transport components on the western jetty (Nun’s Island) used in the construction of the new Champlain Bridge.

After travelling from China to the Port of Montreal, the super transporter will be used to move the bridge’s concrete footings, which each weigh about 650 tonnes, or around 100 elephants! The boys and girls from community organization Toujours ensemble will take part in the contest.

For almost 30 years, Toujours ensemble has offered academic support to children in Montreal’s Verdun borough. The selected name will be displayed on the super transporter, and the person who submitted the winning entry will receive a new Champlain Bridge hard hat.

Affiche Supertransporteur - Signature sur le Saint-Laurent - Tous Ensemble - Nouveau pont champlain