Final phase of demolition and start of construction on the Nuns’ Island Bridge

Signature on the St. Lawrence (SSL) would like to inform you that demolition of the old Nuns’ Island Bridge is well under way and that the project will soon move into the early building stages of the new bridge.

As of tomorrow and over the next few weeks, SSL will have to work seven days a week in order to maintain project timelines. On weekends, the working hours will be from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

SSL will build coffer dams around the bridge’s remaining piles to protect workers from the current as they knock the piles down.

The installation of the coffer dams might generate noise and we are aware that these activities can generate high level of noise which can be a nuisance for people living nearby. To minimize the impact on these residents, SSL must comply with all of the environmental requirements regarding noise and air quality stipulated in its partnership agreement with the Government of Canada. The work is being monitored to ensure that the established thresholds are not exceeded.

Starting work on the new Nuns’ Island bridge

Construction of the new Nuns’ Island Bridge will begin next week with pile drilling operations which will initially take place on the Nuns’ Island side and then move to the other side of the channel. By July 2016, workers will drill 60 caisson piles on which the footings and pillars of the new Nuns’ Island Bridge will stand. We will keep you informed of subsequent stages in our upcoming communications to residents.