Signature on the Saint Lawrence resumes marine excavation activities

Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) has resumed its marine excavation work following a tugboat incident April 1 2016.

After that incident, SSL decided of its own volition to suspend the marine excavation work in order to conduct an internal investigation, which was reviewed by a marine investigator, and to review the work methods used for these activities. The investigator completed the review and acknowledged that SSL could continue its marine excavations.

Meanwhile, the conclusions formulated to date by the relevant authorities reviewing the tugboat incident have been incorporated into further revision of SSL’s work methods. The revised methods include a more detailed categorization of the types of maneuvers done on water and procedures linked to each.

The plan to salvage the vessel is being developed and will be reviewed by the relevant authorities, in particular the Canadian Coast Guard.

All the stakeholders connected to this situation are being kept informed as the event unfolds.