Portal cranes now at the new Champlain Bridge job site

Standing 20 metres high, these impressive yellow giants recently arrived at the L’Île-des-Sœurs west jetty. They are mobile gantry cranes and their main task will be to handle box girders for the new Champlain Bridge. The gantries will receive, assemble, and load out the box girders onto barges for erection.

The MiJack Gantry Crane is capable of traveling along the entire length of the assembly trestle (245 m long). The Gantry crane or travel lifter is supported by eight wheels and four support legs, with two support top beams. Each gantry is equipped with an enclosed cab and programmable electronic control system for steering (ECS).  This allows the operator to control the lifter from outside the cab and speed up production and handling accuracy.

They are designed to lift fully assembled box girders over one another. The box girders stand roughly 6m tall on the assembly beds.

  • Manufacturer: Mi-Jack Products
  • Model: MJ165
  • Lift capacity : 150 metric tons (330,750 lbs)
  • Height: 20 m
  • Width: 29.3 m