After Thor the Ant, now it’s time for the kids from ÉTS day camp to name the floating installer

After Thor the Ant, named last February in a contest for youth from the Verdun organization Toujours Ensemble, now it’s the Sud-Ouest youth’s turn to build and name the floating installer. In collaboration with Sarens, SSL is launching a competition on August 8 for youth attending the “Futurs Génies” day camp run by the École de Technologie supérieure, which introduces kids age 6 and up to science and engineering.

This time, it’s a double challenge: build the machine so it floats and give it a name worthy of its extraordinary mission.

This floating installer carries immense pieces, weighing over 1000 tons (including the footing and initial pier section) across the water to its final destination: a very specific location at the bottom of the river Saint-Lawrence.

Get your thinking caps on, and good luck to our Future Geniuses!

Affiche concours Installateur Flottant Fondations - ETS - Sarens

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