Floating Foundation Installer Named “Poseidon” by Children at the ÉTS Science Day Camp

In August, Signature on the Saint Lawrence held a contest among children at the Les futurs Génies de l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) day camp to name the huge Sarens Floating Foundation Installer being used to build the new Champlain Bridge. The young contest winners were selected by a jury that included representatives from Sarens, ÉTS and Signature on the Saint Lawrence.

Congratulations to Mikael Côté-Legagneur, 7 years old, who christened the installer “Poseidon,” which captures the machine’s powerful nature. Congratulations also to the team that built the best model of the machine: Frédéric Sauvé (11 years old), Matteo Carmosino (9 years old), Mathis Arseneault (11 years old), Romain Fagouet (12 years old) and Axl Emiliano Castillo Blasco (12 years old).

Remise des prix - Concours Les futurs Genies ETS - Installateur flottant de fondations (10)

The children were greeted and congratulated by Marc Miller, the federal MP from Ville-Marie – Le Sud-Ouest – Île-des-Sœurs. Each child received construction equipment and got to see Poseidon from afar. Soon, the new name will appear on the machine itself for all to see.

Les futurs Génies from l’École de technologie supérieure day camp offers science-themed activities for children aged 6 to 12. The activities provide them with a chance to learn, explore and develop an interest in science through programming that combines sports, discovery, technology and science.

Poseidon was designed and built in Belgium for the new Champlain Bridge Project. The unique machine enables crews to transport and install the 38 foundations (weighing up to 1000 tons each) on the riverbed.

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