New traffic lights on Hwy 15 North during evening rush hour for the reserved lane

As part of the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project, Signature on the Saint Lawrence wishes to notify road users of the relocation of the reserved lane on Hwy‑15 North in the area of L’Île‑des‑Sœurs and the bypass bridge, starting Monday, March 12 (5 a.m.). There will also be a reconfiguration of the entrance to Hwy‑15 North from L’Île‑des‑Sœurs.

Major cooperation on the part of all the partners has made these new configurations possible. They will allow SSL construction teams to work on the highway portion on L’Île‑des‑Sœurs. Those configurations will stay in place until the opening of the new Île-des-Soeurs Bridge (Fall 2018).


New configuration of the morning reserved lane (morning rush hour)

During the morning rush hour, buses using the reserved lane will now be directed to the left lane of Hwy‑15 North on the bypass bridge, with the flow of traffic. They will then access Gaétan Laberge Boulevard toward downtown using an exclusive off‑ramp, before continuing on their usual route.


New configuration of the evening reserved lane (evening rush hour) – Traffic lights on Hwy15 North on the bypass bridge.

During evening rush hour, the left lane of Hwy‑15 North will be closed/restricted for the use of the reserved lane, from Brossard to the north end of the L’Île‑des‑Sœurs bypass bridge. The buses will reach the reserved lane thanks to overhead traffic lights on Hwy‑15 North.

Flashing traffic light warning signs will be put up on the highway to alert users when the light changes to red. The timing of the traffic lights will be based on the needs of buses and motorists on Hwy‑15 North.