Notice of Closures of the Navigation Corridor for Boaters and Users of the Petit Bassin de La Prairie

The Signature of the Saint Lawrence (SSL) wishes to advise boaters that during certain construction work on the new Champlain Bridge, impacts on navigation are expected in the Petit Bassin de La Prairie over the next two months.


Closures of the Petit Bassin de La Prairie navigation corridor

In order to install the girders of the new bridge over the Petit Bassin de La Prairie, a barge will block the navigation corridor for a few days to allow lifting work, which is a work at risk for navigation, hence the importance of the corridor closure. Three closures of 3 to 4 days of the navigation corridor are to be completed by the end of August to undertake these works. If possible, the closure will be done during the week and the work will take place 24 hours a day, minimizing the duration of the closure. The closure will be communicated 48 hours in advance via a specific notice sent by email. The information will also be posted on the website and on twitter.

During complete closure of the corridor, a safety boat will ensure that no boats enter the navigation corridor and will escort them safely into the Seaway. Please respect these instructions and be patient and cautious. To avoid any inconvenience with this closure, SSL recommend to avoid the sector, if possible.


Navigation slowdown in the Petit Bassin de La Prairie Corridor

During slab installation operations over the Petit Bassin de La Prairie corridor, navigation will also have to be interrupted for a few minutes in the navigation corridor. A safety boat will detain the boaters and will notify them when the passage in the corridor is safe.


Reminder to use caution

We are asking boaters to be particularly careful during this period of intense activity, follow instructions and slow down when nearing work areas. It is important that you navigate carefully at all times and to follow the instructions given by our security personnel.