Beginning of the public utilities installation of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge and Boulevard René-Lévesque

The opening of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge to traffic is approaching and the blitz to complete the highway corridor at the end of October 2019 is continuing, notably, with the reconstruction of René Lévesque Boulevard leading to his final configuration.

Activities such as excavation and pipes installation have started near the west abutment of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge on Pointe-Nord (see image below), to install the drainage system of the new bridge and Blvd. René Lévesque.

Impact on mobility and traffic

For that first phase of works, Bldv René-Lévesque has been partially closed, between the Claude-Robutel roundabout and the current Champlain Bridge, since April 30, for approximately until the end of May. One lane between Pointe-Sud and Pointe-Nord and the pedestrian corridor are maintained during those works, and the mitigation measures for the Bldv  Île-des-Soeurs deployed in 2018, are on place. The map below provides information on the detour paths to follow depending on where users are coming from. The second phase of the work will begin in June and will require further closures of the Blvd. René-Lévesque during the summer period. This sequence of work and associated impacts will be explained in detail at the next Good Neighbourly Relations Committee, which will be held on May 16, at 7 pm at the Elgar Community Center on Nun’s Island.

Schedule of work: accelerated mode

In order to shorten the closing time of the Blvd. René-Lévesque and restrict it to the summer period only, where the impacts on mobility are lower, SSL has obtained authorizations from Infrastructure Canada and the Verdun Borough to work in accelerated mode from 6: 00 am to 10: 00 pm. The execution of the noisiest work (maximum allowed 75 dBA) will be carried out between 7: 00 am and 7:00 pm and the least noisy (maximum expected of 65 dBA) between 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm (with occasional peaks at 75 dBA) or at the end of the night    (6: 00 am to 7: 00 am). From 10: 00 pm to 6: 00 am, noise levels allowed by the partnership agreement will be respected. SSL will prioritize working during the week, but depending on obstacles encountered, some work could be done on weekends where the same noise criteria will apply.

Laying of the outfall

In connection with drainage work in the sector, SSL is to install, in coming weeks, sheet piles using vibro-sinking method for the laying of the outfall, on west jetty. Temporary noise barriers will be installed to minimize the noise emanating from this activity, with an estimated duration of few weeks. This work has no impact on traffic.

Activity noise monitoring

The various construction activities in your area will be closely monitored by our environmental team, to ensure that the work is carried out according to best practices the permitted noise levels, by the Government of Canada. If necessary, the working methods could be reviewed and refined.

Next Good Neighbourly Relations Committee Meeting

Please note that the Good Neighbourly Relations Committee Meeting is to be held on Thursday, May 16, 7: 00 pm at the Elgar Center in L’Île-des-Soeurs. Ongoing and upcoming work by the end of the project will be covered as well as selected mobility scenarios associated with it.


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