(Re-open) Samuel De Champlain Bridge Multi-Use Pathway will be potentially closed from starting from Saturday 18 December.

[Re-open] The multi-use pathway is re-open


«Update» The Multi-Use pathway is closed

Signature on the St. Lawrence Group wishes to advise pedestrians and cyclists that the fermeture potentielle de la piste multifonctionnelle du pont de Samuel-De Champlain à partir du samedi 18 décembre 15:00 jusqu’au lundi 20 décembre 04:00.

ndeed, a weather alert is in effect in the Montreal region with snowfall combined with expected strong winds and snow accumulations that will total 1cm per hour. The multiuse path will therefore be potentially closed for safety reasons accordingly to the operating criteria on Saturday 18 December 15:00.

The multi-use path will reopen as soon as possible after our operation and maintenance teams have ensured its safe use by cyclists and pedestrians.