Economic contribution

There will be nearly 1,000 workers on the site

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The total cost for the design and construction of the new bridge, highway approaches and access roads is $2.15 billion. Approximately 50% of this amount was dedicated to large subcontractors and suppliers.

Below is a snapshot of some of the companies who supported one of the biggest infrastructure projects in North America.

Subcontractors in Quebec

  • Acier AGF: rebar supply and installation
  • BĂ©ton Bourgeois: prefabrication of components for the three migratory fish passages on the West Jetty on ĂŽle-des-Soeurs
  • BĂ©ton PrĂ©fabriquĂ© du Lac (BPDL): prefabrication of components related to the piers for the approaches, the main pylon and bridge deck
  • BĂ©ton PrĂ©fabriquĂ© du Richelieu (BPDR): prefabricated components for the temporary jetties
  • Bisaillon Transport: trucking service
  • Camille Blais et Fils: installation of sheet piles and piles
  • Canam: manufacture of the steel superstructure for the approaches to the new bridge (over 40,000 tons) and the Nuns’ Island bridge (5,100 tons), from their facilities in Quebec and the United States
  • Chenail: asphalt
  • Everest Equipment Company: supplier of moulds for prefabricated components
  • Gravel Auto: supplier of worksite vehicles
  • Groupe Ocean: lease and operation of marine equipment
  • Grues Guay: lease of operated and non-operated cranes
  • Hewitt Équipements: supplier of heavy equipment, including loaders and excavators
  • Lafarge: supplier of concrete and gravel
  • Strongco: supplier of different types of cranes

Workforce in Quebec

Signature on the Saint Lawrence hired nearly 300 people for the project office (engineers, administrators, support and administrative personnel, etc.) and up to 1,000 construction workers from Quebec.

Some of the trades and occupations the most used for the project:

  1. Ironworker
  2. Reinforcing steel erector
  3. Carpenter-joiner
  4. Cement-finisher
  5. Labourer
  6. Operator (shovels and heavy equipments)
  7. Crane operator


Elsewhere in Canada

  1. Bauer Canada: operations related to pile drilling
  2. Ford Canada: supplier of worksite vehicles
  3. MMM Group: engineering services related to the design of the highway portion of the project
  4. Norseman: supplier temporary shelters


Elsewhere in the world

An infrastructure project as complex as the Samuel De Champlain Bridge corridor also needed international expertise for some of the specialized components of the bridge.

In the United States:

  1. International Bridge Technologies: engineering services related to the design of the bridge
  2. North American Steel (NAS): manufacture of 5,000 tons of stainless rebar
  3. Robishaw: sectional barges that can be transported by road
  4. TY Lin: engineering services related to the design of the bridge

In Europe :

  1. Dorman Long, England: heavy transport vehicles
  2. DSI, Germany: manufacture of cables for the cable-stay portion of the bridge
  3. Megusa, Spain: manufacture of steel pier caps
  4. Sarens, Belgium: heavy lifting 
  5. Tecade, Spain: manufacture of steel pier caps and the steel superstructure for the cable-stay portion of the bridge

VSL, Switzerland: engineering services for the cable-stay portion of the bridge