Night works under the LaSalle / d’Argenson overpass

Earlier this week, we published a notice explaining the current and upcoming construction works in LaSalle / d’Argenson neighborhood as part of the new Champlain Bridge Corridor Project. The purpose of today’s notice is to specifically inform you of the work that will be going on this weekend (March 11 to 14).

The work under the LaSalle / d’Argenson overpass will require the closure of one lane in each direction on the A15 as well as the complete closure of LaSalle at that level. To minimize traffic congestion on the A15, we are aiming to work only one night starting Friday 11 March through Saturday morning 12 March.  Note that these works could be prolonged or canceled at very short notice.

Starting Friday at 11 PM, the overpass will be closed. Temporary anti-noise barriers were installed earlier this week in anticipation of these works but we estimate that there will still be an increase in noise during the night that will be perceptible to the citizens living close by. If everything goes according to plan, the work on the overpass should be completed sooner rather than later and roads will be reopened as quickly as possible.

Please understand that we typically would be doing this sort of work during the day. There will be times however, as is the case this weekend, when circumstances leave us few other choices but to work at night.

Thank you for your collaboration and your understanding.