Final works in rue May / rue Wellington sector

Signature on the Saint Lawrence would like to inform you that its team will be carrying out final work in your area in the coming weeks.


Description of the final work

This includes reconfiguring the portion under the Wellington Street overpass to redo the roadway, sidewalks and bike path. The SSLC team will also finalize the portion of May Street between Rushbrooke and Jacques-Lauzon and build the pedestrian path between Wellington and Rushbrooke before completing with landscaping in the area. This work is scheduled for approximately two months, including the one-month landscaping work.


Noise management

Most of the work will be done during weekdays, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Due to space constraints between the work and the residences, SSLC will have to remove all of the temporary noise barriers to complete the work and cannot adequately position the noise walls to mitigate the sound impact of this work. The team will monitor the noise during the activities to assess the situation and, if required, ensure that working methods are improved, depending on existing constraints.


Road closures related to those works

For the duration of the work, Wellington street will be closed to traffic between Gilberte-Dubé and Butler. A pedestrian and cycling corridor will be maintained on this axis and local traffic will be allowed for those who wish to go to their residences.