The evolution of the work on the Cable-stayed bridge

The cable-stayed part of the new Champlain Bridge is clearly the biggest design and construction challenge of the entire project. The main pylon, with its elegant, modern, stream-lined look, is the central component of the bridge, with cables extending on each side, diagonally, down to the bridge deck. These steel cables support the entire superstructure and the bridge deck above the St. Lawrence Seaway, creating a wide space between two pillars to allow for marine traffic.


Chronology of the work

42 piles were drilled between October and December 2015, to begin the work on the foundation of the main pylon. Since January, the team has been working on the forms for the two footings of the main pylon, to prepare for the concreting operations that will begin shortly.

The installation of the rebar inside the footings is going well, and the first footing, for the south side, will be poured in early April. The concrete for the second footing, for the north side, will be poured a week later. Each concreting operation takes from 10 to 15 hours and requires about 1000 cubic metres of concrete. At the same time, a pier base will be cast in place, to attach other concrete sections that are coming from a supplier in the Drummondville area.

The four foundations for the two pillars to the west of the main pylon, pillars W01 and W02, will also be poured in the spring. Coffer dams made of sheet piles are being installed as the excavation work advances.  Work on the forms is also expected to begin soon.


The cable-stayed bridge by the numbers

Piles drilled for the main pylon


Steel rebar in the foundation

13,000 metric tons

Size of the complete foundation for the main pylon

45 metres by 15 metres by 4 metres high

Quantity of concrete for the foundation and the pier bases

2,100 cubic metres

Number of cables

30 on each side

Final height of the pylon

170 metres above river level, which is 10 metres

Length of cable-stayed section

500 metres, of the 3.4 km bridge

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