The new Champlain Bridge by the numbers

The construction of the new Champlain Bridge began in June 2015, with the creation of three large temporary jetties in the river to serve as work platforms. 

Since then, the design and construction teams have been hard at work building one of the biggest infrastructure projects in North America. It is an enormous challenge, because the tight completion calendar does not allow for any slowdown. Signature on the Saint-Laurent is satisfied with the progress of the work so far and will keep up the pace so that on December 1, 2018, we can deliver a bridge that Montrealers can take pride in.

Three lanes heading toward Montréal and three heading toward the South Shore, with a shoulder on each side, a central corridor for public transit, a multi-use path, more effective urban integration, improved access ways: this is a project that will improve the quality of life of its users and change the cityscape of Montréal.

The countdown is on. Just 32.5 months to go!


3.4 kilometres

Total quantity of steel

60 000 metric tons

Number of bolts

1.3 million

Total quantity of concrete

Over 250,000 cubic metres


125 years

Delivery date

December 1, 2018