Onset of the 2016 Construction Season – Brossard

The warm weather has finally arrived, and with it, the opening of windows in our homes.  This means that some people may hear noises (the normal sounds associated with any major job site) from the new Champlain Bridge corridor project.


Work to expect in Sector V

For Sector V, it is mainly the construction of the abutment and the related earthworks that will be visible for that residential.  As presented May 4 at the Good Neighbourly Relations Committee, permanent anti-noise walls will be built along the edge of Sector V, improving the neighborhood’s sound environment.


Work to expect in Sector T

For people who live in Sector T, near the river, we want to inform you that the concrete work for the footings on the approach to the bridge are continuing. . For the safety of drivers and our workers, a new exit from the worksite will be set up in the next few weeks using La Riveraine bicycle path (which is blocked to cyclists along this section) behind Turenne Street. This will be used by workers and truckers. We are awaiting the approval of the authorities before we start using this new exit, and residents from that area will soon receive a notice with further details. 


La Riveraine detour

Cyclists have undoubtedly noticed that, for safety reasons, a significant detour has been created on the La Riveraine cycling trail. Please bear in mind that by 2019, you will have a brand new bicycle path that leads directly to the island of Montréal, along the new Champlain Bridge. 


Noise and air quality monitoring

Our Environment team is present at the job site every day to ensure that we comply with the noise management and air quality standards. Watering at the job site is the best possible mitigation measures to control dust. There is currently one air quality monitoring station in Brossard.

As regards noise management, SSL may not exceed over 75 decibels during daytime activities. At night, SSL may not exceed the neighbourhood’s ambient noise level by more than 5 decibels. Exceptionally, some noisier activities may be carried out in the evening, given that their performance during the day would generate too much traffic congestion. We must, for all such works, not only receive the approval of the competent authorities but also keep the residents of the affected zones informed. 

To view the results of sound level checks for your sector, go to:


Schedule of the works

The majority of our activities are carried out on weekdays, from 7:00 a.m. (with teams arriving at the job site around 6:30 a.m.) to 7:00 p.m. Occasionally, the works will continue over the weekend, during the same hours.  Some works may at times be performed in the evening or at night, as is currently the case for the transportation of excavated soil to the worksite at the approach to the bridge, in Brossard.  Given that noise criteria are stricter at night, these activities are usually ones that are not overly noisy.