Quality Management at a Major Worksite

The New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project is bound by strict technical requirements for quality and durability and by a rigorous quality management system.

On a worksite the size of the New Champlain Bridge, certain construction activities will inevitably encounter technical challenges. Some may be in the form of a nonconformity identified internally or by a third party. Signature on the Saint Lawrence’s quality management system is in place to identify such nonconformities and to ensure that adjustments are made so that the final works meet the requirements under the project agreement.

Quality management happens at every step of the bridge’s design and construction process. The design is subject to a first level of internal review by an independent reviewer. It is then submitted to engineers at the Infrastructure Canada project office as well as to the independent engineer’s team.

At the worksite, every construction activity is followed by an Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) to ensure that it was carried out in compliance with the technical requirements in the project agreement and that it meets the applicable construction industry standards. When an irregularity is found, the teams correct the situation to ensure that the final structures are compliant. This is part of an ongoing quality improvement process for our methods and procedures.

Although undesirable, these technical challenges give us an opportunity to refine our methods and to do better. Signature on the Saint Lawrence will deliver a quality bridge with a lifespan of 125 years—one that Montrealers can be proud of!