Update: Work on the Water Main at LaSalle and Wellington

Work to widen Hwy-15 South is continuing in your area. Over the coming weeks, some operations may cause disruptions, especially to traffic.


Horizontal boring under LaSalle Blvd and start of construction on the new LaSalle Overpass

Preparatory horizontal boring started under LaSalle Boulevard last Monday ahead of the installation of the water main. This should last until the end of August. On July 20, piling for the construction of the new overpass will begin and last until the end of August as well. This should not affect local traffic, but a few trees will have to be cut for the work to be carried out, and temporary anti-noise barriers will help to dampen the construction noise.   


Installation of the water main on Wellington Street

On Wellington, the method used for the installation of the water main is to excavate a portion of the street, to install it, then backfill the area and repave the street. No horizontal boring is possible under the street given the presence of public utilities in the neighborhood. Work on Wellington is slated to last approximately two weeks and end mid-August.


Impact of water main work on local traffic

Wellington southbound (from Pointe Saint Charles to Verdun) will be closed until work is finished. Vehicles will be rerouted toward LaSalle via Butler Street. Northbound traffic (from Verdun to Pointe Saint Charles) will be allowed, thought it will be diverted slightly. A 3-metre multi-use path will be set aside for cyclists and pedestrians to travel in both directions, despite the closure of the bicycle path on the west side between Beresford Avenue and Gilberte Dubé Street.

For the duration of the work, motorists will not be allowed to park on the north side of Wellington between the overpass and Gilberte Dubé Street. Changes to the STM bus routes 61 and 71 will also be necessary. We invite you to check the STM Web site for more information.


Reminder on noise and air quality monitoring

Our Environment team is present at the job site every day to ensure that we comply with the noise and air quality environmental requirements. To view the results of sound level and air quality checks for your sector, go to


Ongoing work over the construction holiday

Work on the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project will continue during the construction holiday. The majority of our activities are carried out from Monday to Friday, between 7 a.m. (with teams arriving at the job site around 6:30 a.m.) and 7 p.m. Work may occasionally extend into the weekend, at the same times. Some work may take place in the evening and/or at night. Given the stricter noise criteria at these later hours, work is usually limited to the less noisy activities, barring any exceptions.