Installation of the Main Pylon’s Lower Cross Beam

Having finished assembling the 44 segments that completed the construction of the main pylon’s legs last week, Signature on the Saint Lawrence has now reached another phase in the building of the future Champlain Bridge by installing the central part of the lower cross beam, which will link the main pylon to the superstructure of the bridge. The cross beam will be completed in the coming weeks with the addition of two 170‑ton assemblies, one on either side of the metal structure put in place today.

The steel assemblies of the pylon’s lower cross beam were built in Spain and delivered to the site on September 1, 2016. The cross beam is one of the key components of the future cable-stayed bridge, since the concrete-and-steel structure will support the bridge’s superstructure, while also playing a crucial part in ensuring the main pylon’s stability.

The main pylon’s lower cross beam by the numbers:

  • Weight: 665 tons of steel and 2,500 tons of concrete
  • Width: 48 metres
  • Height: 4 metres
  • Depth: 8.7 metres