Project Update (Fall 2016)

Construction season is moving right along, as work to widen Hwy-15 continues.


Current and upcoming work to widen Hwy-15

Current work to widen Hwy-15 includes the construction of new overpasses, such as those at Atwater, LaSalle and Wellington, as well as the building of retaining walls. The Environment team has assessed this work as being noisy. It will be mitigated by the temporary anti-noise walls already up in the area. You will soon see the new highway taking shape.

In the LaSalle Boulevard area, the new road configuration calls for the relocation of a power pedestal under the overpass. Among other things, this work requires the sidewalk’s demolition. During this work, which is expected to last two months, a signaller will be present when needed to allow traffic to move in alternating directions on LaSalle Boulevard and Argenson Street.

At Gaétan Laberge, near the Monseigneur Richard high school, demolition and rebuilding work is going smoothly, and the closure of Exit 60 on Hwy-15 North, which allowed work to start on the new Gaétan Laberge Boulevard, will be maintained until the summer of 2017. For more information on disruptions in your area, visit


Noise and air quality monitoring

Our Environment team is present at the job site every day to ensure that we comply with the noise management and air quality standards in force.

Cleaning the streets and spraying water on the job site are ways to keep the dust to a minimum. There are currently three air quality monitoring stations in the Verdun and Sud-Ouest boroughs.  As regards noise management, SSL may not exceed over 75 decibels during daytime activities. At night, SSL may not exceed the neighbourhood’s ambient noise level by more than 5 decibels. Exceptionally, some noisier activities prior to the demolition of the LaSalle, Gibbons and Wellington overpasses may be carried out in the evening, given that their performance during the day would generate too much traffic congestion. SSL must, for all such works, not only receive the approval of the competent authorities but also keep the residents of the affected zones informed. To view the results of sound level checks or quality of air for your sector, go to:


Schedule of the works

The majority of our activities are carried out on weekdays, from 7:00 a.m. (with teams arriving at the job site around 6:30 a.m.) to 7:00 p.m. Occasionally, the works will continue over the weekend, during the same hours. Some works may at times be performed in the evening or at night. Given that noise criteria are stricter at night, these activities are usually ones that are quieter.