Project Update (Fall 2016)

The construction season is going well. Our teams are making headway on the East approach of the New Champlain Bridge.


Current and upcoming work

Construction work on the east abutment will continue in the Voltaire area for the next four months, while earthworks will soon taper off for the winter.

The permits for the new site exit behind Turenne Street have been issued. This exit is being set up and will soon be ready to use. Our Mobility and Environment teams will be monitoring the situation closely to make sure of the efficiency and safety of the new layout as well as compliance with noise and air quality criteria.

We have finished pouring concrete for the 20 foundations between the east abutment and the Seaway. We are now starting to install the pier segments, which will eventually enable us to put the first pier caps in place. As part of this work, non-standard pieces of the pier caps will be delivered over a few nights across Route 132 later in November. A lane will be maintained on the access ramp for traffic and cut off for short periods by patrols to let the pieces through.

For more information on disruptions in your area, visit


Reminder about noise and air quality monitoring

Our Environment team is present at the job site every day to ensure we comply with noise management and air quality standards. Until temperatures drop below zero, we will water the work area when needed to keep dust to a minimum. There is currently one air quality monitoring station in Brossard.

As regards noise management, SSL may not exceed over 75 decibels during daytime activities. At night, SSL may not exceed the neighbourhood’s ambient noise level by more than 5 decibels. Exceptionally, some noisier activities may be carried out in the evening, given that their performance during the day would generate too much traffic congestion. We must, for all such works, not only receive the approval of the competent authorities but also keep the residents of the affected zones informed, as we are doing with this notice.

To view the results of sound level checks for your sector, go to:


Work schedule

Most of our activities are carried out on weekdays from 7:00 a.m. (with teams arriving at the job site around 6:30 a.m.) to 7:00 p.m. Work may occasionally extend into the weekend, during the same hours. Some work may take place in the evening and/or at night. Given the stricter noise criteria at these later hours, work is usually limited to the less noisy activities, barring any exceptions, as mentioned above.


Good Neighbourly Relations Committee

The last meeting of the Good Neighbourly Relations Committee took place on September 21. The presentation on the ongoing works and those to come until January 2017 is available here:

The next Committee meeting will take place in Brossard on Wednesday January 25 2017. All are welcome to attend to gain a better understanding of the works and to ask questions.