Maximum 50 km/h in roadwork Zones for Everyone’s Safety

Signature on the Saint Lawrence would like to remind drivers that on Hwy-15 North and South, between the Montreal side of the Champlain Bridge and the Atwater exit, the speed limit is 50 km/h. Safety is vital, so please slow down and follow the speed limit posted in roadwork zones, day and night.

The temporary layout of the roads in all of our work zones and the presence of our workers nearby are two reasons that led us to lower the speed limit to 50 km/h. We’re thinking of drivers’ safety as well as the safety of workers in and around the various roadwork areas,” explained Geneviève Campeau, Operation Maintenance and Mobility Manager for the New Champlain Bridge Corridor project.

Fines doubled in roadwork zones

Fines are double for anyone speeding in roadwork zones. Fines for exceeding the 50 km/h limit anywhere in our work zones are as follows:

  • 70 km/h: $55 x 2 = $110 fine, plus costs
  • 80 km/h: $105 x 2 = $210 fine, plus costs
  • 95 km/h: $195 x 2 = $390 fine, plus costs

According to the Société de l’Assurance Automobile du Québec (SAAQ), 735 people were injured and 8 were killed in or near roadwork zones in Quebec in 2015.

Follow the limit and drive carefully.