Removal of the Warning Buoys of the Navigation Channel

Since November 2016, the warning buoys indicating the navigation channel to cross the construction zone between the west jetty and cable-stay bridge on the St. Lawrence River have been removed for the winter, as announced on the Web site of the Canadian Coast Guard (Notice Q1755/2016

It is therefore unsafe for pleasure crafts, who should steer clear of the site of the new Champlain Bridge. Here is why:

  • There are no navigation channels indicated by buoys.
  • There are pieces of concrete jutting out of the water.
  • Crews are working on the river.
  • There are a number of tugboats moving about in the area.
  • Barges with heavy equipment are set up in various locations on the river.
  • A number of operations are under way to put segments in place.

For all of these reasons, Signature on the Saint Lawrence cannot guarantee safe passage to boaters. Since it is a large-scale construction site involving myriad activities in progress and constant maritime traffic, we strongly urge all boaters to avoid crossing these work zones.

An announcement will be made before the 2017 boating season about the installation of buoys and the return of the navigation channels.