Learn more about the building and installation of a footing on the West Approach

After our videos on the main pylon and on the East Approach a few weeks ago, our documentary webseries “Inside the giant” looks at footings, from their prefabrication to their installation in the river. Sylvain Tremblay, Area Manager for the Pre-Cast Yard, and Alexandre Clouthier, Area Manager for the West Approach, talk about their pride in being involved in this part of the project as well as challenges they face with these major operations.

Among other things, we learn that a foundation weighs 604 tons, i.e., the equivalent of 4 blue whales, and that it takes 5 weeks to build a foundation and pier starter.

You can also see our graphic for key facts on the foundations of the new Champlain Bridge:

Infographic - Installation of a footing

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