Roadwork planned for May 19 – 22 2017

Signature on the Saint-Lawrence wishes to inform road users that, as part of the construction work for the new Champlain Bridge, a series of disruptions is planned over the coming days.


BLITZ Champlain Bridge : Weekend of May 20-21

Two major roadwork blitzes will take place at the Champlain Bridge in May. These blitzes will entail replacing 2 expansion joints and the repair of 2 other expansion joints on the bridge’s deck, and thus result in complete closure to all traffic in one direction at a time. The work will be performed during the weekends of May 20-21 and 27-28, from Friday at 10 p.m. to Monday at 5 a.m.

As part of this blitz, two expansion half-joints will be replaced on the Champlain Bridge’s upstream side, which will lead to the following road network restrictions:

  • Complete closure of the Champlain Bridge, towards the South Shore
  • Closure of Hwy. 15 South from the Turcot interchange down to Hwy. 132
  • Closure of one out of three lanes on the Champlain Bridge towards Montreal
  • Closure of all access ramps to Hwy. 15 South from the Turcot interchange and the Bonaventure Expy.
  • Closure of all access to the Champlain Bridge from Île des Soeurs
  • Access ramp to Hwy. 15 South from Gaétan-Laberge Boulevard open with a designated route to access Bonaventure Expy. and Île des Soeurs
  • Closure of Exit 5 from the Bonaventure Expy. towards Île des Soeurs with detour via Exit 4.


Drivers are encouraged to check our website and to follow us on Twitter @nouv_champlain for the latest information on the traffic disruptions.

We also strongly urge drivers to check the MTQ website before setting out or to follow the MTQ on Twitter @Qc511_Mtl for information on all disruptions in the Greater Montreal road network.

Public transit users can visit the STM website to see the impact on their route and bus stops.