Sail among the footings of the new Champlain bridge with a 360 degrees video

Since the installation of the first footing with the floating foundation installer (IFF) in July 2016, you have been able to follow the evolution of the work through our aerial photos but also with our dedicated episode, as part of the web series documentary “Inside the giant”.

Today we offer a video 360 degrees which allows you to be among marine footings of the new Champlain bridge. The images were shot in February and show the current with the ice on the St. Lawrence River, the work platforms and the elements already installed on the footings and pier starters. This is a winter snapshot of the work, which has made good progress since the restart of maritime operations in spring.

To watch the video in 360 degrees, you must have the latest version of the Chrome, Opera, Firefox or Internet Explorer browser on your computer. Use your mouse to move through the video. On cell phones, use the latest version of the YouTube app. In full screen mode, orient your cell phone in the direction you want to view.