The installation of the prefabricated segments of the new Champlain Bridge is now completed

In mid-November, we announced the end of the installation of the precast marine segments of the west approach. It is now the turn of the East Approach team, to install the last precast concrete segments, thus ending these operations for the entire project.

Kyle Hendrikx and Jim Boyd, both engineers at the East Approach, share their satisfaction and explain in a few words the various steps leading to the erection of a pillar: “Once delivered to the site, each segment is placed one on the other and “glued” with epoxy, a type of polymer that is suitable for these operations and is applied by hand to join the two surfaces. Subsequently, the segments are subject to post-tensioning work to solidify the whole. We had a total of 90 segments to install. A pillar can reach 27 meters in height, with the superposition of these prefabricated pieces. From delivery to the final installation of the segments, we faced several challenges and overcame them.

Proud of his team and this achievement, Stephane Pereira, Area Manager, thinks of further work to shape the East Approach: “We are going to focus now on the work zone east of Route 132 and on the installation of pier caps and temporary towers, key to the future installation of the box girders above this road. We have started the installation of the first of the ten pier caps of the East Approach and will continue these operations until the spring of 2018. There is a lot of work to do still, but we are all focused to realize one of the largest projects of infrastructure in North America.