Invitation to the Good Neighbourly Relations Committee and update on works – Verdun / Sud-Ouest

Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) reminds you that the next Good Neighbourly Relations Committee will be held on November 28 at 7:00 pm at the Elgar Center on L’Île-des-Sœurs. During this committee, the following topics will be on the agenda:

  • Work in progress and to come for winter 2017/2018
  • Traffic management update
  • Update on permanent anti-noise barriers

Come in large numbers to inform yourself on the various issues and ask questions to our team but also to the other partner members of the Committee, namely Infrastructure Canada, the City of Montreal and the boroughs of Verdun and Le Sud-Ouest.


Update on the works and traffic management

Verdun: Highway 15 South

The teams assigned to the highway portion of the project are putting the finishing touches to the widening of the A-15, southbound direction, between Atwater and Wellington. Earthworks, drainage and pavement activities are underway. An opening in a two-lane temporary configuration is effective since November 20, between Atwater and Lasalle. SSL is now working until December, to complete the demolition of a portion of the roadway between Atwater and Lasalle, to carry out drainage work and subsequently pave two additional lanes, allowing the transfer of the northbound direction. These activities are taking place during the day, but could also be extended during the evening and night, depending on the progress of the work and the weather.


Le Sud-Ouest: Highway 15 North

The second phase, scheduled for December, will also allow the deviation of the two northbound lanes on the new highway between Lasalle and Atwater, thus allowing work to proceed in the coming year on the widening of the northbound direction of A-15. The same work completed for the south direction will be carried out for the north direction, in order to widen the A-15, which will ultimately go from 4 to 6 lanes, in 2019.

SSL anticipates little impact for residents living on the north side of the highway between Wellington and Atwater, as this work will be primarily between the railway and the new highway. Due to a lack of space in the area, the construction sites along the A-15 South in Verdun will not be demobilized and will be used for storage, trailers and equipment maintenance. Please note that temporary anti-noise barriers, installed along the A-15 South, will remain in place, as long as possible, until the permanent noise barriers are built in 2018.

The landscaping is included in the finishing work to be undertaken at the end of the project in 2019.


The new Gaétan-Laberge urban boulevard and exit 60
For more than two months, the new Gaétan Laberge urban boulevard has been open to traffic, giving direct access to the Bonaventure Expressway, in particular to the downtown from Verdun. The exit 60 of the A-15 North, also reopened in September, making it easier for users to travel to Verdun. Signalisation at exit 60 from A-15 North now reads “Gaétan-Laberge Boulevard” and no longer “Wellington”.
In December, the ramp on exit 60 of the A-15 South will be reconfigured and will allow two movements, either to Verdun or to the Bonaventure Expressway, thus representing a new access to downtown from the highway.


Work schedule

Since the end of the summer, SSL has greatly accelerated the pace for the construction of the new Champlain Bridge, meaning that work could extend into evenings, nights and weekends. However, the noise criteria being more severe during night time, this work will be limited to less noisy activities.


Noise management on work site

In its ongoing efforts to ensure good neighbourly relations with residents, SSL makes frequent checks to make sure noise standards established in the partnership agreement with the Government of Canada are being met. Our website’s Citizens’ forum tab has a Works and Impacts section where you can take note of our noise monitoring results.