Media visits the new Champlain Bridge site for a project update

Signature on the Saint Lawrence, in association with Infrastructure Canada, invited the media for a project update followed by a site visit this morning.

With delivery of the new Champlain Bridge set for this year, work is in full swing and progressing well. Despite bad weather and the realities of winter, all of the workers and the project team are hard at work building a high-quality bridge without any compromise on health and safety.


Reporters were able to see how construction on the South Shore, at the East Approach, is continuing during the winter. The installation of pier caps and box girders and preassembly activities have not let up even as workers are subjected to the harsh effects of humidity from the Saint Lawrence River.

As for the West Approach, a guided tour of the heated and insulated white “superdomes”—a veritable assembly line of transition segments—provided a good sense of the kind of facilities needed to keep manufacturing going throughout the winter.

Delivery date

In the last two years, the deadline has faced very serious outside pressures, especially with the challenge of transporting parts exceeding standard sizes and weights.  That is why, after consulting with Infrastructure Canada, we have implemented additional measures aimed at overcoming these setbacks. At the end of December 2017, the bridge was 65% complete. 

Our completion date for the bridge remains December 2018 as planned, and our workforce is fully committed to reaching this target.