SAX condos : Work for the weekend of March 16 to 19 near the Boulevard de l’Ile-des-Sœurs sector New Champlain Bridge

This weekend, the installation of the drainage network, near the SAX condos, will require works in the open tranches on the l’Île-des-Sœurs Boulevard. Futhermore, two structures located between the lanes of Highway 15 will be demolished to allow the construction of a new overpass.

For the execution of this work, temporary noise barriers were put in place last week, in the SAX condos sector, to minimize the impacts associated with the noise generated by these activities. SSL plans to meet the noise thresholds allowed in the partnership agreement with the Government of Canada. A noise monitoring will be done and the results will be put on the web as soon as available. If exceeded, financial penalties may apply.


Impacts on mobility

The works require several road closures in the L’Île-des-Sœurs area. In order to avoid making these road closures during the week, leading to significant congestion for road users and residents of L’Île-des-Sœurs, Signature on the Saint Lawrence will carry out this work 24 hours a day for the duration of a weekend (March 16 to 19).

Once this work is completed, the roads will reopen to traffic on Monday March 19, at 5 am, for the morning rush hour.

Here are the road closures planned for the weekend:

  • Closure of the left lane on Hwy-15 North from the end of the Champlain Bridge to the start of L’Île-des-Soeurs bypass bridge from Friday 11p.m. to Monday 5 a.m.
  • Complete closure of Hwy 10 East (Bonaventure) at Exit 4- Boulevard Gaétan-Laberge / Verdun – beginning from Friday 11 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m.

  • Complete closure of Exit 57-N – Pointe-Nord of L’Île-des-Sœurs off Hwy-1 5 South from Friday 11 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m.
  • Complete closure of l’Île-des-Sœurs Boulevard in both directions from Friday 11 p.m. to Monday 5 a.m. During this period, René-Lévesque Boulevard will be open to road users in both directions, requiring the closure of the pedestrian sidewalk. A shuttle for pedestrians will be available between 8 am and 8 pm to allow traffic in the area.

Futhermore to the Bonaventure highway and the new Champlain Bridge, major road closures will be put in place on the highway network during the weekend of March 16, 2018. We invite you to visit our website by following the link:

Other upcoming work in the area

In the coming days, SSL will make a major deviation of the bike path to make it pass under the abutment of the new bridge of L’Île-des-Sœurs. SSL will have to cut an additional twenty trees and shrubs between the SAX condos and the new bridge, to allow the construction of the new permanent bike path and its embankment. SSL always tries to minimize as much as possible cutting trees, but in this case, permanent installation is in direct conflict with trees, it is unfortunately impossible to avoid cutting.

Finally, note that soon, the work on the bridge of L’Île-des-Sœurs will restart with the goal of opening a first direction for the summer of 2018. The finishing work will be done in the day of the week.