Back span superstructure installation of the Cable-Stayed Bridge: completed

An important milestone was reached this week at the new Champlain Bridge. This time, at ​​the cable-stayed bridge, the installation of the superstructure of the back-span has been completed.

The back-span is the section between the St. Lawrence River and the main pylon and is 200 meters long. It serves as a counterweight to the main span. In all, the back span is composed of 57 steel components.

More than 100 workers have worked tirelessly since November 2015, winter and summer, to build this portion of the bridge. It is with great pride that they can now say “mission accomplished”.

Over the next few months, the cable-stayed portion of the bridge activities will focus on pre-assembly, assembly and installation of the main span segments, while completing the main pylon. Temporary towers used to support the construction of the back span will still be visible, but will disappear as the cables will be put in place.