Installation of the noise barriers in the Voltaire area

Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) will soon begin work for the installation of noise barriers in the Voltaire area up to Parc Villon.

First, the two Highway 132 on-ramps toward Hwy 10 and vice versa will be relocated to free up work space between the green fence of the Ministère des Transports, Mobilité durable et Électrification des transports (MTMDET) and the highway on-ramps. Once the work area is created, SSL will be able to begin excavation and drilling work in order to install the support posts and the foundation of the future walls. The chosen method of drilling is one of the least noisiest. Work will mainly be done during the way and will move along the future wall. The work will take a few weeks to complete.

Once the posts are installed, the panels of the future noise barriers will be installed one by one, which should take about one month. Between now and the end of summer, we anticipate that the new noise barriers will be installed, providing the neighbourhood with a new acoustic environment.

All the work will be carried out off your property, and no encroachment is expected in backyards. Workers will access the work site via the highway, thus minimizing travel in the area. Please also note that for reasons of safety and to limit access to the highway, the MTMDET’s green fence will be maintained, even after work has been completed.

To carry out the above work in the area, temporary work site and storage area facilities will be installed in Parc Villon until March 2019. The work site will be accessed via the highway and there will be no traffic in the neighbourhood. Once work is completed, the work site area will be restored to the same conditions as those found before the crews’ work at the site.

Approximate location of the noise barrier


Work schedule

SSL intends to perform most of the work in the daytime, between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., from Monday to Friday. However, some work, including the relocation of the highway on-ramps, may possibly occur in the evening and/or at night to avoid having to close roads during the day, thus causing major congestion. If any night work is performed, SSL will ensure that it observes these more stringent noise criteria during this time.


Noise and air quality monitoring during the work

To make sure to comply with the noise and air quality standards included in the partnership agreement with the federal government, SSL regular monitors the noise and atmospheric emissions generated by construction work. Our Citizens’ Forum tab at our website has a Works and Impacts section presenting the sound reports as well as information gathered on air quality.