Installation of the 37 pier caps of the new Champlain Bridge : The end

It is not without pride that we mark the end of the installation of the 37 pier caps of the new Champlain Bridge.

At the East Approach
At the end of June, in the middle of a heat wave, the East Approach workers finished laying the 10 W-shaped pieces, marking a very important step for the project. Work began in November 2017, often in the rain and continued during the winter, at very cold temperatures. Different road configurations had to be put in place on the South Shore, at different times, especially during the night transportation of these pier caps, to cross Route 132.

At the West Approach                                  
At the West Approach, after starting at the end of June 2017, the installation work is complete, crowning the missing piles of these steel pier caps. Mostly located on the river, the pier caps provided many challenges to the marine crews, who had to install them, taking into account the wind speed, the current and the little depth of the river, as well as the complex movements of different barges involved in each operation.
In any case, it was necessary to be creative so that the pier caps made the rotation of the horizontal position to the vertical position, to allow a safe installation
Next step: complete the installation of the box girders!