Start of the installation of permanent noise barriers in the Voltaire area

Announced in early June, Signature on the Saint Lawrence team reminds you that its team will proceed, for the next coming months, with the construction of the permanent noise barriers in the Voltaire area.

Noise management

The works related to the construction of the noise barriers will be done during the daytime, from 7 am to 7 pm. Due to the proximity of the work with the residences and space constraints in the area, you may hear these specific works more than usual. SSLC will ensure noise monitoring at the beginning of each work step to validate noise levels. If necessary, an analysis of the situation will be made to ensure that the organization of work is optimized in order to minimize nuisance for residents.

Other ongoing and future work in the area will continue according to the schedule already planned. In order to minimize the impact on regional mobility, some night or evening works could happen occasionally. For example, during the weekend of July 13 to 16, the works to deviate the highway ramps could be extended in the evening or at night. For more details on the work, please refer to the notice distributed in June, also available on the website.

Vibrations monitoring

Some works are likely to generate vibrations in the ground. Monitoring specifically for these vibrations was put in place. Equipment for measuring the vibrations has been placed around the work sites and frequent verifications will be done to ensure the respect of the prescribed standards. If required, work techniques will be adapted to reduce the vibrations.

Over the last few weeks, experts from Géophysique GPR International INC. have been conducting a preconstruction condition survey of the properties close to those works. This evaluation includes taking photos outside of the houses. If you are concerned by this inspection, one of their specialists has already been in touch with you.