Work to open the new highway 10 West, for Monday November 19

During the next weekend, paving and finishing work will be done between Boul. Pelletier and the ramps of the 132 road on Highway 10, day and night, to finalize the new roadway of Highway 10 West and connect it to the existing network.


Noise management on the construction site

Most of the work will be done between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, whereby SSL is authorized to perform work, up to 75 dBa. Night works, whereby noise level should be limited to 67 dBa from 7: 00 pm to 10: 00 pm and 63 dBa from 10 p to 7 pm, are also expected. To ensure compliance with the noise standards included in the partnership agreement with the Government of Canada, SSL regularly monitors the noise generated by these construction activities. The Citizens’ forum section of our website, under Works and Impacts, presents the results of the noise surveys.


Impacts on the mobility of the sector

For the execution of this work, the Highway 10 West is closed from exit no. 11 from Friday November 16 at     10 :00  pm to Monday, November 19, at 5: 00 am.