Replacement and extension works on noise barriers From November 17 to December 8, 2023 Verdun Sector

As part of the Samuel-De Champlain Bridge corridor project, Signature sur le Saint-Laurent (SSL) will carry out work to replace and raise the noise barriers on the A-15 South between Boulevard Lasalle and Wellington Street. The works and road closures will be carried out at night for three (3) weeks as well as during the day for three (3) weekends.

The work will consist of the removal of existing noise walls to replace them with new noise walls. Furthermore, the height of noise walls will be increased (see map page 5). Note that the configuration of opaque and transparent panels will be preserved to comply with urban integration directives.
We are confident that these new noise walls will improve the sound environment for residents living near the highway.
Monitoring of the performance of the new noise walls and communication with citizens will be carried out in spring 2024.

See attached for more information: 20231114_Verdun_ travaux__murs_antibruit