Blitzes of weekend work for the opening of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge

Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) would like to inform residents that their teams are proceeding, day and night, in coming weekends, at the completion of highway work in Brossard sector in anticipation of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge opening, planned by the end of June.  


Why blitzes on weekends?

Whenever possible, SSL always aims to do daytime construction work to minimize the impact of noise on the neighborhood.

However, for the completion of the final road network connections to the new bridge, SSL must close certain ramps and major traffic lanes in order to be able to work safely. Such closures carried out on weekdays would cause significant congestion for road users and are not allowed at those time periods.

The impact on regional mobility is not the same on weekends or during nights, which is why SSL will proceed to finalize this crucial work on those time frames. SSL is planning to realize noisiest works during the day and those, less noisy, during evenings and nights.

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Noise monitoring on worksite

The construction activities in your area will be closely monitored by our environmental team to ensure that the work is carried out according to good practices and permitted noise levels required by the Government of Canada agreement.


Last Good Neighbourly Relations Committee Meeting

Please note the last Good Neighbourly Relations Committee Meeting is to be held on Wednesday, May 29, 7: 00 pm at the Chalet du grand parc urbain in Brossard. Ongoing and upcoming work until the completion of the project will be covered as well as selected mobility scenarios associated with it.



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